Gavin Walters

Executive Producer

Cornerpoint Studios + You

Gavin has been in the production industry since 1992 and brings a polished and creative style to all his content and visuals produced by Cornerpoint studios. Throughout his career he has worked in nearly every role in the production process, from camera operator, editor, motion/graphic compositor, producer and executive as well as a production, a post-production and a broadcast services manager.

Gavin’s experience spans across major broadcast networks, tourism, finance, telecommunications, FMCG, information technology and local, state and federal government agencies.

Adryan Daynes

Managing Director

Cornerpoint Studios + International Productions

Adryan has over 25 years’ experience in the events and video industry, specialising in major event management and theatrical creative production. Adryan’s unique creative vision for every project he embarks upon, and the teams he builds, ensures a client-centric approach to all brands in the International Productions portfolio. Adryan is our fearless leader and inhabits the Cornerpoint of head honcho + eager entrepreneur.

Aaron Langer/span>

Creative Director

Cornerpoint Studios + You

With over 20 years experience working across the television, music, advertising and marketing industries as a producer, general manager, creative director & strategist, Aaron has developed expertise translating brand & product messaging into creative marketing strategies and viable programs that have earned measurable results. Making him the perfect addition to the team for your next content production.

Rob Filoialli

Post Production + Motion Designer

Cornerpoint Studios + You

Rob, our artistic and fun-loving video editor and motion designer, has over seven years’ experience in the industry. Rob has transformed his visual creativity into imaginative and unique pieces of work that go beyond the brief to fulfil the diverse content requirements across live production, marketing, advertising and more. Rob resides in the Cornerpoint of efficiency + eccentricity.