Cornerpoint Studios is a versatile content production company that specialises in developing premium content for a wide range of partners and platforms.

Cornerpoint Studios was born from the content development arm of multi-award-winning International Productions, and over the decades has grown to be one of Sydney’s most experienced and reliable production teams. Working across Australia and internationally, we are entrusted with creating content for some of the world’s largest brands; but we never shift our focus from you…..

our point of difference?

  • creative + fresh

    we pride ourselves on delivering a fresh strategic approach and creative outcome

  • reliable + experienced

    years of brand history and experience, all within a new ‘safe set of hands’

  • flexible + nimble

    a nimble team structure that works with you. our unique team structure allows us to act as your ‘in-house’ content team.

  • clean + uncomplicated

    Producing and delivering content on-time and on-budget

You might represent your own, or someone else’s brand. You might have some or no internal support, inhouse studio or production team. You might have a big budget and big deliverables, or a wing and a prayer. It might be a case of, 'we don't have time or resources to be worrying about producing this content in-house'. But you have the need for fresh creative content delivered just the way you like it. If you’re looking for a production studio at the intersection of commerce and creativity, function and form, architecture and agility, you’re looking for a Cornerpoint.

our clients